The Most Important Job Factors for Developers

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At, we care deeply about what the dev community want in their working lives. Our business is built around the idea that if we can find out what is most important to developers, we might be able to build a service which better connects people to opportunities that match their intrinsic motivations.

'What developers want' is a topic we feel there can never have enough information. So 6 months ago we decided to approach the community directly and started asking developers from all over the world to tell us what they considered to be the most important factors when evaluating work opportunities.

15000+ (and counting!) responses later and we are ready to share our data. This will be in the form of a series of reports published on this blog and via an interactive tool we've built to support this initiative, which we're calling our 'Living Infographic'. This is a free-to-use service, which pulls the updated data directly from our survey on a hourly basis, and in which users will be able to explore the developer response data.

We believe it to be of interest to employers looking to hire developers, market analysts tracking industry trends and to the developer community itself, who may wish to review the answers of their colleagues from different parts of the world.

Please note that this is still a relatively small data set which we are looking to expand (please feel free to share the survey), and as such may not be representative of every demographic and industry.

We also want to make clear that both the survey and the infographic has been built by humble developers without a data science background. It is not perfect, but we hope to improve upon its implementation and will welcome your feedback and comments.

If you like what we're doing, help us get more spread by completing and sharing this project.

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