Our New and Improved UI

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to our new UI.

It’s always nerve racking stepping out with a new look, but as soon as we saw the initial designs, we just knew we had to ship. We’re confident you’re going to love the changes we’ve made to Workshape.io. In this post, I want to explain what those changes are and what our thinking is behind them. Both users and employers will see a new interface, new features and other improvements to the service. As ever, we were driven by the overarching mission of making talent and opportunity discovery better - something that starts with experience and ends in value - let us know if we’re on the right track!

For Users

Cycle View - A New Way of Viewing Matches

Users now have the ability of viewing matches by cycling through results without going back to List View. We’ve relocated the action buttons to the bottom of the screen, with a persistent bar featuring previous / interested / not interested / next action buttons. This means that you can move or ‘cycle ‘ through a large number of matches efficiently, whilst keeping the most important information - the matched Workshape - always on screen at the same time.

New User Match Screen

Remove matched results

Users now have the ability of removing matches that they are not interested in. Matches were accumulating for many users and we wanted to build a function which helped them manage the matches they wanted to see. With the ‘Not Interested’ feature, you now have the ability of saying ‘no’ and permanently removing an unwanted match from your match list view.

Refused match screen

For Employers

Expandable / collapsable side bar

For employers, we recognised that the default List View could quickly become busy. This was especially the case with high growth businesses who had many job opportunities on the platform. Job opening list view is now an expandable / collapsable side bar, exposing the match list view with greater screen real estate. We’ve also gone with the two tone dark palette ;-)

Collapsable Organisation Dashboard Sidebar

Multiple user sign in

Hiring no longer has to be a lonely job! Employers can now invite team mates to help - with each invited team member able to see the entire organisation dashboard, but have individual ownership of the job openings they create. Matches and subsequent notifications will go only to that job owner. This will enable multi-recruiter teams to work together on the organisation hiring plan without inundating each others inboxes. Access this feature on the new accounts icon on the side bar

Organisation User Management Screen



Yeah, we knew the old interface looked too much like a Wall! The new UI has a much narrower input area, with clear separation between the actors in the conversation. Its now much closer to standard chat UI, and will hopefully promote the type of informal, unscripted and genuine conversation we like to use in real life. Also designed to work across any screen on any device.

Design W.I.P.

We started designing our own icon set, so be ready for some juicy designs to come - We'll be posting some of the progress, ideas and sketches on Dribbble, You can start having a sneak peak here and here.

First icon set drafts on Dribbble

New Palette

At this stage we're confident the main orange color is staying, but we’ve changed some of the secondary colors, including the match intersection and Styleguide palette.

New Palette and Shape Colours

Improved buttons and UI elements

Our UI is continuously changing, and as a startup our resources and time to spend on design are limited.

That's why we built a Living Styleguide in order to optimise our energies and facilitate the ever-evolving work around our brand and UI elements.

Engine room

To begin with our data model and API were quite volatile and responsive to change as we gained a better understanding of what we needed to deliver for our users. As we have grown and learnt more though these elements have begun to stabilise. We took a step back and decided that we could improve our data model as well as our seperation of concerns between layers of our API. We now have a leaner code base that is easier to understand and maintain with a solid suite of tests and documentation.

Thanks for taking the time to read through.

Check out the new UI / UX changes by logging into to Workshape.io. We hope you like them!

Best wishes,
The Workshape Team