Introducing Retroospect

Being happy at work is one of the important aspects of modern life.

How you feel is intimately connected to how well you do. And yet as important as workforce happiness is, its cultivation is chronically under supported in the workplace. There’s a distinct lack of tools, knowledge and established practice. It seems that much as we might agree that happy employees are important, we don't really have a handle on how best to make it consistently happen.

This is true for us at Workshape as it is for anyone else

This project was inspired from our own experience of doing retrospectives in agile work environments. For those unfamiliar with the agile way of working, a retrospective is a short review conducted at the end of a sprint, typically a 5 day working cycle. Good things are recognised, bad things given an airing. Problems are identified and removed before they have time to fester and grow.

We realised that for a great deal of the time this was simply not happening for us. Whilst we always seem to be able to surface up valuable data in our retro's, we found we were also equally adept at losing it.

We wrote things down on sticky notes. We sketched them out on whiteboards. Or we tapped into a text editor we fired up when we realised we needed to make a note.

Information capture was haphazard.

It was unstructured. It was not stored in a way that was measurable, comparable, shareable or retrievable. For us as a team, this meant that retro’s became what they probably are for many teams - weekly rituals where discussions were had but no actions taken and everything subsequently forgotten about by the time the next sprint was underway.

Retroospect is our attempt to address this issue

It provides a way to record your personal feelings towards important aspects of work week you’ve just had.

We ask you 5 questions at a set time each week. You answer each question on a scale of 1-10. You immediately get a personal report on your happiness for the past week.

Over time, these reports aggregate into trends that can provide valuable insight for yourself on how you feel about your workload, relationship with team members, learning & development, enjoyment of the work and overall sense of productivity on the job.

Track your teams happiness at work: Retroospect Teams

Of course, nobody gets anywhere alone! With Retroospect Teams, you can compare your results to members with your team members. Or with colleagues in your wider organisation, teams made from your industry peers, your fellow countrymen, up to and including the global data set. It's entirely up to you how you choose to segment the data that every user is producing.

We hope that by producing a simple tool to record and recall how people feel about work, we might finally have actionable intelligence to do something about it.

So, let me ask you one question: How was your work week?

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