10,000 Developers: The Workshape Breakdown


It's important to tell the story of the journey as you're undergoing it. For us at Workshape.io, this means being transparent with our users on our data, and sharing insight & revelation as soon as we capture it.

Last month, as we were approaching a long held milestone of the business - the magic figure of 10,000 developer on-boarded - we decided that we would provide a way for members to learn about the community they were joining. When we passed the mark on 23rd August 2015, we decided to release this feature to the general public as well.

Developer Stats provides anonymised, aggregated data on the Workshape developer population currently active on our platform. Users and employers alike can now freely learn about this population, from the distribution across territories, to technology and work preferences.

Developer Stats Screenshot


Like the core of our user experience, we wanted to build a visual and interactive way to explore the data. With software engineers seeking work in over 103 countries, we knew geography was a key component. It was also an interesting way to explore the dataset. We settled upon using a heat map to show developer distribution combined with supporting graphical information for each country. For the technical overview on the implementation, please our blog post Making a Choropleth Map Directive in Angular.js and D3.js.

Globe Image

The Stats!

Over 10,000 developers have signed up to our service, with 7422 completing their profiles and available for matching. The ‘available to match’ data is what is displayed on the globe. This is updated daily and accurate to within 24 hours. These are users who have made considered choices to be on the platform, are interested in discovering opportunities and have answered the one question we care about most: How do you want to spend your time as a Software Developer?

Developer / Company Screenshot

For this post, our immediate interest is to break down where these active users want to be based. Over 103 country locations are cited, but which ones are the most popular? And what technologies are most popular in those territories? We sampled data from our leading locations - the tech hubs of West/East coast US, UK and Germany, along with several other locations from other parts of the globe to provide comparison.

Country Profile: USA

We've broken down into 52 US States into separate territories. This is in recognition of the size of the country and also to expose the prominence of East and West coast tech hubs. On our platform, California is the most popular location of work, with 725 developers citing it as their prefered location.

Developer stats in California

With New York leading the East with 298.

Developer stats in New York

Country Profile: United Kingdom

90% of the our UK developer population is based in London and the South East. We're going to find a way to present drilled down data on this, likely with a similar per county breakdown as we have in the US.

Developer stats in United Kingdom

Country Profile: Germany

415 developers have registered location preference for Germany - our most popular continental European country. We're delighted to have a reach here, especially with the rapid rise of Berlin as a tech hub - certainly the No2 city for technology innovation and a likely near future challenger to London as No1.

Developer stats in Germany

Country Profile: Brazil

Support from the Brazilian developer community for Workshape has been amazing! Not only have we had a significant number of developers on board, but also regular endorsement of the Workshape concept. Brazil is by far the most popular location for Workshape developers in South America.

Developer stats in Brazil

Country Profile: India

We are very excited to see our growth in Asia, especially in India. As one of the world's greatest sources of engineering talent, getting regular sign ups from here is great signal of our increasing global reach. We look forward to becoming a promiment play in the Indian market soon!

Developer stats in India

Country Profile: Japan

Our reach in South-East and Far East Asia is also growing. Whilst the People's Republic of China has the largest absolute population, Japan is where we have the highest per capita location preference. We suspect this has been helped by our friends at POSTD who do such an awesome job of translating our previous blog posts into hirigana ;-)

Developer stats in Japan

Country Profile: Antartica?

Finally, we must say hello to the 2 users with a stated preference of working in Antartica. The fun thing about the globe is that it does give you the opportunity of exploring atypical places where you would never previously have thought to look for engineering talent. We're not sure if our two devs are actually based in Antartica or plan to work for the research station there, but both seem to be available for remote, part time work ;-)

Developer stats in Antarctica


We're passionate about data and how to present it. We believe that data visualisations can form the building blocks of new visual language to communicate complicated ideas in an unambiguous and accessible way.

Developer Stats will be a growing part of our story. As increasing numbers of developers onboard, trends will continue to emerge which we hope will be useful for people planning their next move, as well as for organisations looking at building their teams. We invite you all to take a look.

Workshape.io Team