We're coming out of Public Beta...

Hey Everyone,

I’m delighted to bring you news of one of the most important updates we’ve ever had: We’re coming out of public beta!

Since our launch 4 months ago, we’ve been offering the Workshape.io as a cost free service to help developers and employers connect with each other in a more authentic way. We’ve learned so much from all of our amazing users and have heavily iterated our product following your regular feedback. Looking back, the service has transformed from our initial experiment of presenting work information in a simple radar plot to a fully featured hiring platform that represents the interests of developers and employers alike.

Another one of our other key objectives is to bring hiring data much closer to our users. We will always maintain a very high level of transparency in everything we do. We have communicated our findings via blog posts, infographics and most recently, market data within the service.

Market data

And it's all working ;-)

70% (70.80%) of all users who sign up go on to profile completion, meaning they want to see matches with the employers. We see this as validation for one of our key axioms - that if you start with the users and ask them what they want to do in their next role - then a high percentage will go on to see what's next.

70% (70.51%) of these matches then proceeded to show interest in knowing more about the opportunity they have been matched with, unlocking conversation between the two parties. We interpret this as validation that our matching algorithm is accurate - we are presenting employment choices that developers do want to know more about.

In a seller's market, where scarcity of skilled developers is leading to hyper competition amongst employers for their attention, we have been consistently achieving 25% (24.81%) ratio of employer messages out to user responses in. This means that employers send 4 messages, in order to receive one response back. We interpret this as validation of our central premise - that if you match based in what developers want, then they are much more likely to engage with you when you reach out to them.


So, with thousands of matches, conversations, interviews and hires later, the time is right for us to emerge from experiment and into business.

Of course, this is something we are going to do differently too ;-)

Introducing Workshape Credits

Credits screen

Employers will get their own currency in the form of Workshape credits. These credits can be purchased, accrued and spent on in-app actions, most obviously the publication of job openings. We strongly believe recruiters who demonstrate best practice should not only be naturally rewarded through successful hiring, but also secure material return that we can provide as a platform. Hence, all employers will be able to earn credits by performing approved actions on the platform. For instance, responding to a user message in 24 hours of receipt, will accrue 1 credit for your employer account. Respond to 10 messages within 24 hours of receipt, and you accrue 10 credits. Continue to behave as great recruiters should, and there's every reason to think that you will continue to be able to use the service without cost. The rate card for the purchase of Workshape credits will be released next week - needless to say that will also be an awesome deal!

Job opening: 30 days extension & expiry

Job expiry screenshot

All jobs currently on platform will be extended to 30 days from Monday 13th April 2015. These will count down until they expire at the end of term, whereupon they will not be automatically renewed. If you wish to renew them after this date, you will need to do so manually using the credits you have on account. Any new job opening will be published with the same 30 day expiry period. Data currency is critical for online marketplaces and its important that only live jobs are the ones that are visible to the market. If you have any job openings you no longer need, our advice is to edit them into another role, or delete them from your account.

Timeline, Deadline & Credit Grant

We have a 6 week timeline before fully leaving public beta. For formal launch, we’ve settled on May 18th 2015. In the meantime, we will continue to offer the service, with a free grant of 35 credits for each employer already registered onsite and, for the next week only, for all others who sign up before midnight Sunday 19th April 2015. Thereafter, we will be a paid service.

We hope to be setting new standards on how tech recruiting works. Thank you for being with us! We look forward to continuing our journey with you towards a better recruiting experience for everyone.

Best wishes